Golden Oreo Contest

April 29, 2018

100 Golden Oreos. 11 Fat Shack Locations. Will you be lucky enough to find one? 

During the month of May, we will be releasing 100 Golden Oreos across all Fat Shack locations. Golden Oreos can be found in orders of (3) or (5) Deep-Fried Oreos, both in-store or in delivery orders.  

If you are lucky enough to find a Golden Oreo in your order, POST a picture to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag Fat Shack along with the hashtag #GOLDENOREO 

Once you post, you’ll INSTANTLY WIN a $10 Fat Shack Gift Card!

Fat Shack will contact winning customers via social media in order to get their addresses and all gift cards will be sent out via mail. 

ALL winners will also be entered into a drawing at the END of the month to win an additional $100 gift card and some Fat Shack apparel swag!

Best of luck!